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The Trials Documents Database lists, in date order, every document that I hold in either hard-copy or electronic format. It also lists some magazine articles that I have researched, or intend to research, but for which I don’t have an original, photocopy, or PDF file.

The links above will open the latest printout from the Trials Documents Database in a new window (see printout date in the footer). Scroll down to the relevant year to see what documents I have available for that year.

If anyone is interested in a particular document, please Contact Me and I’ll publish the PDF below if I have one, or make the document a priority item for scanning if I don’t.

Results for most events from 2010 onwards, and Regulations for the events in the current year, are available to download from the Events Page of the ACTC website.

Documents available online

A very small proportion of the documents I hold are available online, from the links below.


January 1925 – Report of the London-Exeter in the Brooklands Gazette
11 December 1920 – Noted British Test Hills article in The Autocar
16 May 1924 – Famous British Test Hills article in the Autocar


July 1933 – Litton Slack article in the MG Magazine
September 1933 – Fingle Bridge article in the MG Magazine
November 1933 – Doverhay article in the MG magazine
January 1934 – Simms article in the MG Magazine
March 1934 – Darracott article in the MG Magazine
May 1934 – Honister Pass article in the MG Magazine
January 1935 – Jenkin’s Chapel article in the MG Magazine
March 1935 – Litton Slack article in the MG Magazine
1936 – Extract from “A Motoring Encyclopedia”


January 1948 – Trials Car Trend article in Motor Sport


25 November 1950 – Fedden Trial report in The Motor
October 1952 – RAC Trials Car Formula in Motor Sport


1968 – Extract from RAC “Blue Book” for 1968


1988 – David Alderson’s Troll T6 article in Motor Sport

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